Hello World!

Being a human, i have emotional connections of different extent to most things around me but like most of us, i share a common passion and
connection with music.
If there’s a god then music has to be his most precious gift to humanity. It is,if not more, just as important as fire. Because humanity
wouldn’t be the same without music. We wouldn’t be the same without music. Life wouldn’t be the same. Nothing would. Everything will be cold
and grey with a bit of rainbow here and there but nothing to invoke the emotions we’ve never felt and probably would never explore if it
wasn’t for some song or an album.
From the beginning of music from medieval ages, we have come so far. From mere drums made of skin and bones to the roaring distorted guitars
to everything coming out of a computer. But there’s something that is perpetual and eternal, our interaction with those sounds. They still
are the same and always will be which is enough evidence that we all are connected in some way to the most primitive level of our existence.

For me 11th of November was one of those days,
When i learned about the death of Leonard Cohen. It’s so weird how most people i come across are not even aware of his existence even when
he’s had such an impact on modern culture. As i read somewhere, “Second only to Bob Dylan on his impact on popular music from past 4
A true genius of our time with one of the most soul-trembling voices and a humble face which just makes you want to dig deeper into the
sound of his voice.
I remember watching his concerts every now and then.The intensity and conviction that he sings with even when he’s 80 is truly amazing.

“Hallelujah” is one of the most covered songs of all time for a reason which couldn’t be more apparent when you listen to his other work.
“Suzanne” being one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. A true masterpiece from the master himself which makes us ponder over what
the song is actually about.
From Suzanne with oranges from China to Jesus sitting on his lonely wooden tower to Suzanne taking you by the hand to the river while you
long to touch her perfect body through your mind.
Calm, Dark, Soothing, beautiful.
That’s one way to describe his new album, “You Want It Darker”

It’s magical to listen to it sitting in a dark room especially when you know that this beautiful voice will never speak to anyone ever again
but regardless, will keep talking to us for generations to come. Through the dark string patterns, comes his baritone voice which is like
light in the lap of darkness or darkness in the lap of light. There are just so many ways you could interpret it.
I suppose these moments remind me to slow down, relax and be lost for a while to experience something I’ve never had.
The great poet who penned “Suzanne” back in the 60’s and turned it into one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. His voice makes us
long for love like he did. But it’s important to understand that even though he couldn’t have his Suzanne, something beautiful came out of
it which is evident by this song.
One of the greatest poet and songwriter of our time.
May his soul rest in peace.