Opening with a rendition of “Three Women”. “Lazaretto”, Second solo album by the “Genius” himself is the perfect start for anyone who’s ever been lost in blues and enjoys a good harmonica solo.
With this LP “Lazaretto”, Jack White puts out an unbelievably indulging album.

Even if you can’t really relate to “Three Women” which i think stands true for most people of my generation, you just can not resist “Lazaretto” which is evident by all the critical acclaim this album has been getting since it surfaced back in 2014.
I’ve been planning on listening to these albums since 2015, as soon as i found out that he’d put out two solo albums but being the master procrastinator that i am, i didn’t come around it until a few days ago when i accidentally stumbled upon it.
I remember being completely blown away by the song and it’s KICK ASS music video. It was almost an effort to stay calm while the roaring bass line starts the song accompanied by one of the more unconventional and original sounds ever, the sound of Jack White. I don’t believe i have to make a distinction between the sound that comes out of his vocal chords and his guitar. You just know instantly as soon as you hear it.
It makes you groove to this song and the perfect black and white music video along with the “RETROIST” who released the album in Vinyl makes it perfect.
By the way, Who owns one of these record players anyway?

Screeching , high pitched solo with about-to-explode amplifier sound drove me into a state of awe.
“Temporary Ground”, “Would You Fight For My Love”, “High Ball Stepper” showcase his ability to be diverse while being a completely
vulnerable soul which is lost in the abyss with which you can always relate to.
I can’t figure out the unfathomable sounds in “High ball stepper” but it just makes the hair on my neck stand up.

But you have to keep in mind that you can not go looking for the same Raw, Exploding energy of “The White Stripes”. About time we try to peek a little out of our shells, eh?
Rather than screaming his way through some songs, he delivers soft, sweeping and weeping melodies. And the “Fiddle” is just everywhere and i believe it is one of the instruments that touches everyone. For some people, who are not impressed by “Whammy Driven” Jack White guitar sounds, Fiddle just might catch their attention while they are waiting for someone sitting in a corner contemplating life.

“Just One Drink”, “Alone In My Home,”Entitlement” are the perfect songs to revert back to ideas of your well beings as emotional confession.
“That Black Bat Licorice” offers that urgency in his sound that i absolutely love along with a catchy windy riff, “I Think I Found The Culprit” and “Want and Able” give an airy ending to this amazing, ambitious and idiosyncratic album.
It just makes me love, adore and respect him more.

Would You Fight For My Love

P.S. – The name of my blog comes from this album too so there’s the proof of how much i loved this album.