How To Not Have Faith

What do we believe in? What can we say with absolute certainty? The answer to those questions can be just as vague as “Dream Is Destiny”. Well, For the most part, our world operates on the motto “To Each His Own”, uhh well, not counting religious fanatics or insanely opinionated people and yeah, “Parents” ofcourse who have a compulsive need of shoving things down our throat.

But when you actually start to think about it, Ever since the “Big Bang’, the things that has happened are much more miraculous than existence of an omnipresent, omniscience God. Now it’s all about perspective and which part you concentrate on.

Personally, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the concept of “Initial Singularity” too, Some may call it gravitational singularity or space-time singularity, Since the jury is still out on this one.
But you can actually compare Singularity with God in a way without being absolutely absurd, but only if you are willing to use your imagination and give it a little thought. You can endlessly argue about the existence of one or the other or deny the existence of one or the other.

Let’s say someone with faith in God asks about the the source of energy in “Singularity” while making a rational argument. You cannot say that energy in singularity came from God without sounding completely irrational and absurd because then i can simply ask you about the source of energy of God.
Basically, If there’s a prime mover then i’d ask for the source of energy of that prime mover and then i’d ask about the source of energy of that source.
It is a completely scattered thought but it makes a fair amount of sense.

So rationally, you cannot have utter faith in something because you can not completely understand the nature of something unless you consciously make a decision of being in denial or have some blind faith that is not based on anything.
Just to make things a bit more confusing, even if we believe that we are not wake walking through our dreams which you can not prove really because we know we are awake when we are awake, right? but we don’t know we are not awake when we are not.
But nonetheless, we are part of something. Be it an all powerful entity which happens to do random stuff or the universe or whole bunch of universes or just an absurd dream. But well, To Each His Own.

The sea refuses no river.