How To Believe In Aliens

Considering the unfathomable size of our universe with billions of galaxies consisting of billions of stars with their own planets in most cases, i suppose. It is highly unlikely that we are the only ones around. To start with, we tend to have a number of preconceptions about pretty much everything. But here’s the bit that baffles me,
why do we expect aliens to be a walking, talking human like species with big eyes with antennas on their heads, floating around in their spaceships?
I’m talking in layman’s terms here. Not in a strict scientific sense. Why do we even assume that they’ll have better equipment than we have or have any equipment in the first place?
Isn’t that a bit strange that we assume that we need water to sustain life? That certainly stands true for us and our ecosystem but in the other star systems in completely different galaxies, there could be a species that evolved in such a way that they do not need water. But it is a pretty known fact that we need water to create complexity because molecules need to combine and cell regeneration needs water too so i’m completely wrong, aren’t i?


But then, there are Viruses, bacteria and Archaea that don’t need oxygen to survive and some bacteria are known to survive under extreme conditions including dehydration. Some have never even metabolized oxygen in their lifetime. So in that sense, firstly, we need to shed off our prejudice about aliens being a walking, floating species. Keeping that in mind, there could be some single celled organism in our own solar system. It’s not completely absurd, is it?

Maybe they are just taking their sweet time and they’ll evolve in to something more complex after some million years. That’s how we came to existence in the first place. But something tells me that we clearly wont be around to witness it, considering the self destructive behavior of human race. Maybe it’s a little pessimistic of me but that’s just how things are.

We can not know for sure but probability and possibility speaks for itself. You can’t be more immature if you are going to say that you’ll believe it once you see them. That’s how some atheists present their argument when arguing about the existence of god. Most of us have never seen atoms but we believe in their existence anyway because of handful of people and books telling us about them.
Given some thought, We literally can’t know anything with absolute certainty. We can only calculate how probable something is and decide to believe in it. You can’t even prove that you exist.
So coming back to square one, considering the unfathomable size of the universe and our evolution from single celled organisms, it is pretty probable that we just might not be the only ones in our own solar system let alone universe, let alone multiverse.