So i was having this conversation with a friend concerning the ethicality of exploring something that we might not completely understand and fully explore in our lifetime or in the next few hundred years or ever. We didn’t really talk about the timeline but just the basic concept of it and i assumed the rest as per my own inclinations that that’s what we agreed on regarding the timeline.

Anyway, the world has radical and more imminent problems like war, poverty, hunger and such so it is meaningless to use the available financial and human resources on space exploration and trying to understand more about the particle physics or the unreachable parts of this universe that we all belong to. So ideally we should concentrate on solving the imminent problems rather than fulfilling our curiosity which in a certain sense, might not even qualify as a problem.

It is pretty evident that most people don’t really care about most anything. We may deny it but most of us are lazy ass hedonist slobs and we absolutely suck at working together as a species. For instance, We all know that Co2 emission on such a large scale is not doing any good and we might even seem concerned about it from time to time for those 23 seconds of our lives but then we tend to forget about it and go about our lives.
So consequently, there’s always going to be people working in groups rather than collectively as one species.

So some who are naturally explorers and curious are always going to try to understand which they don’t or maybe even can not during their lifetime but that is of no concern at all.
While some are going to be environmentalists who want to make a difference too while most are just going to sit and watch.

Since i’d like to think of myself as an explorer and a fairly curious person, i am always going to be inclined towards trying to know what i don’t and try to understand what i don’t because that is like the higher truth for me, if there’s any.

I suppose that different people have different reasons and those people who have spent lifetimes trying to understand that they don’t rather than enjoying their life in the typical clichĂ©d sense must have some compelling motive for doing so.
Since we were talking about the higgs field and how it is changing our understanding of the universe which is of utmost importance,in my opinion atleast. Most people wouldn’t even concern themselves with it but Some people, let’s say realists may argue otherwise since it doesn’t directly affect my life in any way really but then on the flip side, what sort of reality is that where you do not know about yourself and the world around you?


P.S. – I just really like Elon Musk.